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Nourish the heart of your home with your favourite background colours by using our professional, qualified living room wall painting services!

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Is the paint on your house looking dull and faded? Need someone to give it a new fresh coat of paint? Well, SgPaintXpert is here to help with all your painting needs.

Wall Painting for Living Room Singapore

The Heart Of Your Home

People say: “The living room is the heart of your home.” Doesn’t this ring true? It provides function to the whole house. The living room is where you go when you want to sink into the couch after coming back from work; entertain guests, friends and relatives; have a nice long chat with your family members with a refreshing drink; have a movie night with popcorn and a long list that is not exhaustive.

When you enter others’ homes, the first thing you see is the living room. Naturally, an impression is formed in your mind which would either be positive or negative. The design – the art paintings on the wall and sculptures on shelves are bought to complement the living room by matching these with the colour of the wall. You instantly feel comfortable if it is well-decorated with soothing colours or colours you like.

It’s undeniable that creative and mind-blowing living rooms will stimulate your interest and urge to also decorate your own living room, right? But what if you do not have the time, tools and skills? We’ll answer that later!

When To Paint Your Living Room?

The main reason is when you acquire a new home or when your house undergoes renovation, leaving your living room wall bare.

There are also signs telling you to repaint – where your living room wall paint has cracked, looks scraped or has dirt spots which can’t be cleaned.

Sometimes, you just want to keep up to trends, or update your living room with a different colour. How you choose your colours and how frequent you repaint reflects your personality, which may affect how guests perceive you, whereby we’re sure everyone cares about!

Use Our Services With Confidence!

Living room is a part of the interior of the house. Of course, we can say that less procedures, tools and paint are required to paint the living room walls. However, inside the house there are more edges which you may find difficult if you self-paint.

Therefore, do consider using our services! We know that a large majority of citizens of Singapore stay in HDB flats due to them being cheap and reliable. However, won’t you be bored with how almost every house looks the same with same old colours? Rest assured as we can provide you with high quality, customized service, with affordable prices. Furthermore, we guarantee minimal complications due to our staff being experienced, well-qualified and well-trained.

Lacking Some Creative Juice?

Depending on your style, you may like a few ideas below. You may select colours which will complement the colour of your kitchen, dining room, bedroom or any other room according to theme.

If you want a vibrant shade with a cooling feel, turquoise can be considered. It is an energizing colour which isn’t too overwhelming. You may purchase white decors and pale flooring to go with turquoise.

Mid grey is on-trend which is lovely when grey furniture is used to blend in and fill the space, along with some white ones to show a mellow contrast.

Family-based living rooms may be decorated with furniture of creative colours, hence a neutral-coloured wall, such as white is best to make the colours pop.

Don’t Hesitate To Ask Us!

Don’t worry if any of the above ideas doesn’t match your preferences. Contact us by telephone or email to book an appointment and acquire quotes for different designs (a large variety available). Trust our Singaporean pros to do the work for you!





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