Wall Painting For Kid Room

Yearning for your house or workplace to have a unique and beautiful external appearance? Engage in our top notch exterior wall painting service!

Wall Painting For Kid Room

Yearning for your house or workplace to have a unique and beautiful external appearance? Engage in our top notch exterior wall painting service!

Wall Painting For Kid Room Singapore

When kids reach a certain age, it is perhaps time to slowly “kick” them out of the master bedroom, where they usually squeeze in that tiny space between mum and dad. You can perhaps finally be able to enjoy intimate time with your partner and your child can perhaps finally learn how to be a bit more independent.

Enough with the perhaps. To ease with the transitioning, you can try to bribe them with their very own dream bedroom.

Knowing Your Colours, And Shades

Living and growing up in Singapore, we all had that typical Asian bedroom where everything was about being practical and not so much of styles and designs. It does not matter If the furniture mismatched, if it functions, it fits. But, times have definitely changed and we now value personalization more than ever.

Choosing a colour for your kid’s bedroom wall can be a little tricky and you might want to do some research beforehand as it has been scientifically proven that colours will definitely affect one’s mood and personality.



  • The Good Side
  • Promotes tranquillity and makes people feel more relaxed and peaceful.
  • Suitable for spaces like bedrooms.
  • Bolder shades increase productivity by helping your kids focus better.
  • Stimulates learning.


  • To Take Note
  • Because of its cooler undertone, blue may look cold and depressing
  • Advisable to go for blues with warmer undertones or lighter shades like robin-egg.
  • If want bolder blue but do not want the whole room to look too depressing, opt for an accent wall behind the study table.


  • Found in abundance, associated with nature, so of course you can never go wrong with green.
  • Soothing and promotes tranquillity.
  • Suitable for spaces where one will spend long hours in it.
  • Helps calm children who get agitated fast or often experience nightmare.
  • Brighter shades will make the room livelier.


  • The Good Side
  • Evokes feelings of relaxation.
  • A sophisticated colour.
  • Associated with elegance and royalty
  • To Take Note
  • Since it has a cooler undertone, it can appear to be cold and depressing.
  • Best as secondary colour.
  • Go for lighter shades on bedroom walls, like lilac.



  • The Good Side.
  • Makes one excited with its super warm undertone.
  • People are more likely to get together and strike conversations in a red room.
  • Creates a cosy setting.
  • To Take Note
  • Can be overpowering.
  • Not suitable as the main colour of the bedroom.
  • Better as accent walls. But if insist, can go for richer reds with earthy undertone for a more elegant look.


  • An optimistic and enthusiastic colour.
  • May be overwhelming and makes one anxious.


  • The Good Side
  • Associated with happiness and sunshine.
  • Boosts confidence.


  • To Take Note
  • Better as an accent wall colour.
  • Surrounded too long by yellow will create frustration.
  • Too much yellow can cause distress because it is such a loud colour.
  • Babies cry more in yellow rooms.
  • Choose buttery shades of yellow for bedroom walls.

Sweet Dreams

To help your kids live their dreams, you can seek help from a designer or design yourself a room which incorporates your kids’ favourite cartoon characters or storybooks.

If your kids love Nemo or The Little Mermaid, you can transform the room into an underwater sea world by wisely using the colour blue.

What if they like The Adam’s Family? Black will definitely not be suitable as the main colour, but you can always use it as an accent colour and make light grey the main colour.

Or if your kids are fans of constellations, you can paint the accent wall black and paint the constellations with glow in the dark paint so that they can glimmer in dark.

Your Little Pixie Helper

Are you now all pumped up to transform the room? Contact us at Paint Xpert Singapore! We are definitely more than excited to be a part of creating the perfect room for your kids. Give us a call to set up an appointment to present your ideas to our team of professionals. It all starts with that one step. We will be waiting!


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