Wall Painting Singapore

Painting your walls is a worthy investment as it protects and beautify your home or workplace. Leave the tedious work to us and enjoy the end result!

Wall Painting Singapore

Dream Home

As you entered your friend’s home, you stared at his or her beautiful home with awe and envy. The walls were painted perfectly and the colours came together to give an elegant feel to the entire house. How nice would it be if your room or home turned out that way too!

Wall painting is a form of art and definitely not an easy art to master. After a few years of living in our homes, we tend to notice the paint peeling off or the long deep scratch on the walls of our living rooms, bed rooms, kitchens and other rooms. Most of us often find ourselves pondering whether to paint our rooms to remodel it so it looks as good as new as if it is from a gallery.

However, we are often not free due to our hectic work or study schedules especially considering the lifestyle in Singapore. Not only that, wall painting is troublesome as you might dirty your home as well as clothes! Who knows, you might even cause a blotch to appear on your otherwise smooth wall surface due to improper technique? Won’t this defeat the purpose of you working up your energy to paint your home?

Wall Painting Services

Different rooms require different looks to complement their function. Paint also protects our wall as well as gives it a pleasant appearance. Thus, we have come up with a wide range of wall painting services to cater to your needs.

The Whole Tedious Process

To paint a wall is not an easy job. So how do you paint it properly?

First, you will need proper tools. These tools include fiberglass drywall tape, drywall compound, painters tape, latex paint, putty knife, paint roller extension handle, rags, paint rollers, sandpaper, drop cloth, paint scraper, paint tray, paintbrushes and sponge. Phew! What a long list, isn’t it?

The next step is to repair damaged surfaces. This is done by scraping away old paint. Any dents, chips or cracks in the walls are fixed before any painting work is started. The patches are allowed to dry and then sanded to smoothen it.

The real painting then starts. A suitable brush and roller is chosen to achieve the desired finish and to correspond with different types of paint. To paint an entire room, the ceiling is first painted, then the walls. Large areas are normally painted first before repainting the trim because it is quicker to cover open areas.

To wrap it all up, the painter’s tape from the trim is removed after the walls are dry. The trim is then painted. You can then clean everything up!

This whole thing sounds like a tedious process, doesn’t it?

Professional Yet Affordable – That’s Us

Why don’t you opt for an easy way out? Leave the job to professionals like us!

We are considered professionals as we have the necessary experience and skills to give your room or home a quality makeover. You can convey the desired look for your room or home and leave the job to us. As we love seeing home owners feel proud of their own home, our service is top notch as we ensure that quality is maintained and customer satisfaction is achieved. We use paint which we deem is of good quality.

Worried about the price? You can stop worrying! We offer our services at affordable prices as we want you to feel happy and pleased when you engage in our services. We do not want our customers to feel burdened.

Why Wait

What are you waiting for? Get us to come to you to décor your room, home or anywhere that you have in mind. To know more about our other services or to book an appointment, contact us now! You won’t regret!


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