Exterior House Painting Services

Are you in need of a fresh new look for the exterior of your house? Is it too much to handle on your own? No worries, House Painting got you covered.

Exterior House Painting Services

Are you in need of a fresh new look for the exterior of your house? Is it too much to handle on your own? No worries, SgPaintXpert got you covered.

Exterior House Painting Services Singapore

In this day and age, having a well-built house is not complete without a proper paint job to go with it. You need paint colour and design that not only exhibit good taste, but also give a clear reflection of your imaginative inclination. After all, the exterior of your house is the first thing your guests see when they pay a visit and having it well painted will certainly leave them awestruck.

Choose Your Paint Well

Although exterior and interior house painting are similar in many ways, there are noticeable differences such as the formulation of outdoor paints to have higher resistance towards various environmental conditions. To choose the perfect outdoor paint, you have to bear in mind the type and condition of the surface to be painted and the existing type of paint on it, if any. With the right choice of paint along with skilful workmanship, your house will certainly become one of the stand-outs in your neighbourhood.

Latex or Alkyd?

There are two main categories of exterior paint that you can choose for your house, which are the water-based latex paints and solvent-based alkyd paints. Water-based latex variants are more commonly used for exterior house painting because they dry quicker, has better colour retention and chalk resistance. As for alkyd paints, they are recommended for wood surfaces, doors and furniture for a smooth and glossy finish. Whether you’re going for latex or alkyd paints, be sure to always to go for high-quality paint for longer lasting paint jobs.

Accentuate Your Home with the Right Colours

Every house, regardless of whether it’s HDB or private estates, has details that can be accentuated to enhance its visual appeal. Window frames, shutters and paving blocks are examples of such details and you can definitely bring out the best in your house with the right paint colours. There are of course certain parts of the house such as gutters, downspouts and external air conditioning systems that should not be highlighted as it would do more harm than good for your house’s outlook.

Too Much Work? Get Professional Help

When you think about it, painting the exterior of your house can be quite the hassle and certainly not worth the time to do it yourself.  With life in Singapore already so demanding as it is, you certainly don’t need the unnecessary stress of painting your house over the weekend. Here is where House Painting comes in, and you can bet that we are among the best painting service providers in Singapore.

Quality Painting Assured

Here at House Painting, we pride ourselves in delivering high quality, long lasting paint jobs no matter how big or small the painting assignment is. Whether it’s painting materials or tools, you can rest assured that we do not settle for anything less than the very best for our customers. With a team of experienced and skilled painters at our disposal, we guarantee that the exterior of your house will be painted to perfection in no time at all.

Take Action Today

Besides exterior house painting, we also offer all sorts of painting services at very affordable prices. So whatever your painting needs may be, get in touch with us today for the best painting solutions that money can buy.


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