Kitchen Ceiling Paint

Did you know that painting your kitchen ceiling white will make the room look and feel a lot more higher? Contact us for more tips to give your kitchen an uplift!

Kitchen Ceiling Paint

Did you know that painting your kitchen ceiling white will make the room look and feel a lot more higher? Contact us for more tips to give your kitchen an uplift!

Kitchen Ceiling Paint Singapore

Reasons to paint your kitchen ceiling

  • Stains from regular cooking. (Well, it happens when you do not have a hood or a smoke absorber.)
  • Flaking paints because it has been that long since you last repainted it
  • Hideous yellow water stains from all the leaking when it storms
  • Trypophobic paint bubbles from previous paint jobs
  • Hating the current ceiling colour chosen by the previous homeowner since your first day moving in and secretly questions their taste
  • Installed a new set of cabinets which totally does not match the ceiling colour
  • Because you just had some renovations which now leave an unpainted patch on the ceiling sticking out like a sore thumb
  • Putting the house on resale
  • Your mother-in-law is coming over

The Theory Of Everything Colour

The Classic White

Some houses come with rather small kitchens but that does not mean that you have to settle with the way it is. If nothing can be done with the size, painting can do the trick. Painting your ceiling white does not only make your kitchen feel more airy, it also instantly opens up the space, not forgetting that it will also make the ceiling look a lot more higher. A white ceiling would also reflect natural sunlight and brightens up the whole space.

Besides, a white ceiling will also make everything you want to show off in the kitchen pop! Being almost non-existent, white ceilings allow the focus to shift to that classy kitchen cabinet of yours. It will make the colour of any accent walls, if there is any, sharper in view, giving the kitchen a cleaner look with all the play in colour.

The Happy Pills

If coloured walls are not your style and you do not want your kitchen to look too dull, the accent piece of the room can be your ceiling. For a cheerful ambience, try colours like bright yellow, or pastel blue. It will elevate the look of your kitchen in seconds. Literally from zero to hero.

If you are more adventurous, you can always opt for other colours like pastels or even light brown. Talk to the experts and try to come out with a colour palette that you like without it being too overwhelming or overshadowing the other elements in the kitchen.

The Dark Side

No one said your kitchen must be bright and happy or everything fluffy. If you dream of that sleek, dark and sophisticated kitchen, your colour of choice for your ceiling can be solid black, dark grey or a rich burgundy colour. It will make any kitchen with tall ceilings a little cosier to your liking as high ceilings can be intimidating to some. Plus, a richer colour could also easily cover any flaws on the ceiling.

To Shine Or To Be Invisible

Flat white

A flat white or any colour will absorb most of the light in the room, making the ceiling almost invisible, covering any ceiling flaws. Without it being a focus, as mentioned above, the focus of the room will be shifted to the kitchen cabinets or the walls. The rustic distressed look on the ceiling can also be created using the flat paints series. In fact, they are the best in creating this kind of effect.

But do take note on their downsides. Compared to the other types of paints, flat white is the hardest to clean and less durable.

Eggshell And Satin

The in-betweens, eggshell and satin cater to those who wants a little shine on their ceiling but not too much of gloss. It is definitely more durable and mildew resistant compared to flat white, making the surface easier to clean. Since it is slightly reflective, it will emit a soft glow in the room when hit by artificial or natural light, producing a comfy ambience.


This is for those who wants to go all out with the gloss. Not only that it is the most durable and mildew resistant of the three, it is also highly reflective which will definitely capture the sight of any visitor walking into the kitchen. Being highly reflective also makes the ceiling feels a little higher as it will reflect any light going to its direction. Unlike flat white, it would not be suitable choice of paint if you want to emphasize your kitchen cabinets and painted walls. You can still go for a semi-gloss white paint, but semi-gloss of any other coloured paints will not be encouraged in this case. The shine would also highlight any flaws on the ceiling.

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