House Ceiling Paint

The ceilings on each part of the house requires different care and attention. Ring us up or drop us an email to understand more on how to upgrade their look!

House Ceiling Paint

The ceilings on each part of the house requires different care and attention. Ring us up or drop us an email to understand more on how to upgrade their look!

House Ceiling Paint Singapore

Ceiling paints can do wonders to the spaces of a house. While you might not afford your dream home, you can transform it into one.

Just like how Alice in the Wonderland can expand and shrink depending on which potions that she drinks, the colours of the ceiling can also create an illusion of the size of the space you desire.

Depending on the purpose and the ambience that you want to create in the room, there are different colours and types of finishes that you can choose from.

Colour Wonders

Small room? No worries. If you want a room to look more spacious, the colours that would do the trick are colours of lighter shades like cream or white. A white ceiling, hands down would instantly make the room taller by a few inches. It will also brighten up the space because white being white will reflect any lights that enter the room, making it perfect if you want to utilize the natural sunlight. Perfect for spaces like the sunroom and the kitchen.

But if you are not a fan of a spacious space that feels empty and prefer something darker and cosier yet do not want to clutter up the space, you can opt for darker ceilings. A black ceiling can look classy and make a statement in the room. An earthy red on the hand will radiate warmth in the room, making it feel cosy. Other colours that you can go for are dark grey, mustard yellow and brown. You can still paint the walls lighter colours to balance up the space.

Finishing Touches

After choosing the right colour, it now comes to choosing the right type of paint.

Flat paints are not reflective, suitable for rooms where you want the other elements of the room to pop, be it the chandelier or the furniture. White flat paint would almost be non-existent, letting you and the guest shift focus to that pretty wallpaper you have there. Flat paints are also excellent in hiding any flaws on the ceilings like uneven plaster. But due to its porous nature, it holds on to dirt easier and is extremely hard to clean. You might want to keep this out of your mind when painting the kitchen or the bathroom.

Eggshell or Satin are paints that are in between the flat and the semi-gloss. This paint is for those who do not want too much shine on the ceiling but still want it to be easily cleaned. This type of paint can be pretty much used in all spaces in the house because it is water and mildew resistant.

Moving on to the semi-gloss, this will be most water and mildew resistant among the three types of paint mentioned above. Semi-gloss will reflect lights in a room making the ceiling higher. If you have a beautifully painted ceiling to show off, use this. But if you have pretty wallpapers or wall colours that you want them to stand out more, avoid this. Best used in kitchen and bathroom.

Do It Yourself

If you want to get your hands dirty to paint the ceilings, these are the few steps to follow.

  • Firstly

Cover the necessary exposed areas like the floor and the furniture.

  • Secondly

Clean the ceiling. Sand it if needed to ensure a smooth surface. Cleaning the ceiling beforehand will make the paint adhere better and be more long lasting.

  • Thirdly

Coat a layer of primer

  • Fourthly

Start painting and have fun!

We Got Your Back

Or fifthly, you can count on us to take over the difficult task. At the Paint Xpert Singapore, we paint ceilings and walls of all spaces in your house, we even paint classroom walls. You are guaranteed nothing but the best services that we can provide. So dial us up or drop us an email now! Let us do the hard work while you sit back and relax with your loved ones.



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